Services A-Z (98)

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Accessing Wireless Service (WiFi)

Wireless access around campus.

Administrative Application Changes

Analyze, resolve, and/or enhance applications or data integration

Application and System Integration Adjustments

Request OIT services to modify/review an existing data feed or system integration modification

Application Consultation / Project Request

This service allows SJFC employees to submit a project requesting application consulting services, system integration or new application development

Application Issue Reporting / Troubleshooting

Report an error or issue you are experiencing with an application or system integration


Banner & Banner related changes

Request to make changes to feeds, processes, system integration or workflows

Banner & Banner related Product / Service Consultation

A client may research and identify a potential product or service and then request Banner development team members to ascertain whether the product/service can be integrated with Banner.

Banner Access Request

Request access to banner.

Banner Issues / Troubleshooting

This service allows users to request assistance to solve Banner issues.

Banner Password Reset

Reset password for existing Banner account.

Blackboard Course Merges

Merge the rosters of multiple courses into one master course so all grading is managed in one course.

Blackboard General Issues/Errors

General issues and error messages encountered in Blackboard.

Blackboard Organization Request

If you would like to have a club, committee, sandbox course or other non-credit bearing course created in Blackboard please fill out this request form

Blackboard Third Party Tool Integration

Third party integrations such as Turnitin can be requested to be added to Blackboard.


Cable TV

Setup, Removal and Troubleshooting of Cable TV.

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

OIT troubleshooting for hardware issues.

Computer Setup: New, Reimage and Reconnect

Setup, configuration and relocation of SJFC-owned computers.

Computer Transfer

Transfer of equipment to a new location by OIT.

Conference Phone - Loan

Conference Phone Loaner.


Data Consulting Services

This service is available to all Fisher departments who have data access needs, data requirements, and require assistance in analyzing data (Fisher Analytics)

Data Governance and Standards

Managing of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data. Defines a set of procedures, and programs to deliver data

Database Administration

Database Administration services provides installation, management and support for databases and database based systems required by various software and vendor packages used throughout the College, as well as databases used by College Departments.

Department Storage

Department storage and collaboration that can be accessed from on and off campus

Disability Services

Service for preparing, combining and downloading e-text files for students who have a documented qualified disability.

Document Imaging Additions, Hardware and Implementations

Banner Document Management (BDM) is SJFC's Enterprise Document Imaging solution

Document Imaging Issues or Troubleshooting

IBanner Document Management (BDM) is SJFC's Enterprise Document Imaging solution


Educational Technologies - Blackboard

Training for New Faculty on Blackboard and other Educational Technologies.

Educational Technologies - Software Training

Training for Faculty and Staff on various software applications (Blackboard, Zoom, Turnitin, VoiceThread, ePortfolio and EvaluationKit)

Email / Account Name Change

Change username to match current legal name.

Ensemble Anthem

Application for personal recordings for use in courses.


Portfolio application used to store classwork and experiences for use after graduating.

Equipment Loan

OIT will loan out equipment to faculty, Staff, and Students for business related purposes.

Equipment Purchases

OIT assists with pricing and procurement of SJFC equipment

Event Management Application

Events Management Application (R25) is SJFC’s campus reservation system which is used for scheduling events


Faculty / Staff Accounts

Faculty & Staff account creation.

Faculty/Staff Email Troubleshooting

Assistance with errors and issues relating to faculty/staff email

Firewall Rule Requests

The SJFC firewall protects IT infrastructure from access by unauthorized external entities.

Fisher Analytics Training / Access

Technician will provide training.

Fisher Next Issues/Errors

Thought Industries services for Fisher Next

Fish-R-Net Issues

Resolve general Fish-R-Net issues.

Fish-R-Net Reset or Retrieve Username, ID or PIN

Assistance with Fish-R-Net login.


Gaming Console / Entertainment Device

Connecting gaming devices to the wired or wireless network.

Global Email Services

Questions regarding email services such as distribution groups, exchange public folders, shared mailboxes and other email related services.

Google Drive and Applications

Support for Google drive file storage allowing users to access data from any device connected to the internet using their Fisher network credentials in addition to support for other google applications.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts for visitors.


I have a question...

Use this to ask the OIT Service Desk any general questions.

I Would Like Assistance (Submit a Ticket)...

Use this service to submit a ticket for any general issues that you are having.

iClicker Cloud – Interactive Polling Tool

Interactive polling application.

Infobase Learning Cloud (formerly Hoonuit)

Online technology training tool.

Installing Software

Software installation and procurement for SJFC-owned computers.

Instructional Technology Enhanced Classrooms (ITEC)

Assistance using classroom technology such as projectors and PCs currently in the classroom.

ITSM /Service Catalog Changes / Suggestions

Update ITSM TOOL (Team Dynamix Implementation)


Laptop Loan Request

OIT will loan out laptops to faculty and staff for business related purposes.

Lecture Capture (Ensemble Studio)

Convert lectures to podcasts, vodcasts or rich media.

Lifecycle Replacement

Computer replacement for faculty, staff and labs every 4 years.


Media Consultation

An OIT technician will meet or contact a user to discuss needs relating to Audio / Visual support for an event or existing technology in a space

Media Requests

Request for specific media related technologies for use in classrooms or event spaces. Microphones, projector support, technician support, sound amplification etc

Mobile and Other Device Troubleshooting

Support and Troubleshooting of SJFC-Owned mobile devices. Limited support for non SJFC-owned devices.

Mobile Communication Device Service Addition

Purchase and activate SJFC-owned cell phones and tablets.

Mobile Communications Device - Upgrades and Plan Changes

Upgrade or change an existing plan for an SJFC-owned cellphone or tablet. is the SJFC campus portal where you may login to access applications and services such as Blackboard, Fish R Net, G-Mail, Lavery Library, ResLife Online, financial information and more


New Faculty / Staff Training

Technology training for newly hired Faculty & Staff.


Office / Equipment Move

OIT Facilitates the moving of technology in an Office Move.

Official Website ( Permissions

The administration, chair, or current webmaster may request website permissions for a departmental site on the main web domain (

OIT Project Request

Requesting a SJFC OIT project.


Password Reset

SJFC network account password reset.

Pedagogical Training

Teaching and Learning sessions with Faculty.

Personal P: Drive

All faculty, staff and students are allotted a specific amount of network space. The P: drive is your Personal network space on the server and is accessible both on campus and off campus. The P: drive is backed up nightly.

Pharos Printing

Setup printing from campus and personal computers via MobilePrint.

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Assistance with connecting to or troubleshooting a network printer.


Qualtrics - Change Ownership

Survey ownership can be transferred to another SJFC user.

Qualtrics - Create/ Manage Surveys

An online survey tool offering an easy user interface solution to create, distribute, and send surveys

Qualtrics - Issues / Troubleshooting / Training

Troubleshoot features, login issues, general inquires and training is provided by OIT via the Sr. Training Support Specialist


Remote Lab Access

Courses that have a direct dependency on a specific software package available on the standard computer lab PCs, OIT has implemented a service that will allow remote access to the computers in the Kearney Lower Level classroom labs. An instructor must request the service on behalf of the students.

This access is limited to the computers in the Kearney classrooms K-054, K-059, and K-061. You can request access using the link below and providing the following information:

Remote Training - OIT

Training for Faculty, Staff and Students on various software applications through OIT.



Scanning service for exams/assessments using Scantron.

Server Support

Requests for new servers, changes to existing servers or troubleshooting. Use for service restarts, server reboots, adding or updating software on a server or retrieving logs on a server.


Online tutoring service for basic and advanced subjects.

Software Training - OIT

Training for Faculty and Staff on various software applications through OIT.

Software Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for issues with software on your SJFC-owned computer.

Student Clubs and Organizations Sites (FisherSync)

SGA is an organization that represents and advocates for the needs of the students in all aspects of life at Fisher

Student Gmail Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for student Gmail accounts.


Technology Consultation and Room Design

Consultation, design, and integration of technology enhanced spaces across campus.

Telephone Service - Moves, Changes and Troubleshooting

Request a move, change in service or troubleshooting for issues with telephones and related equipment.

Turnitin Instructor Account Request

Request an instructor account for Not needed if you use Turnitin via Blackboard.

Turnitin Training

Anti-plagiarism tool usable via website or through Blackboard.


Application used to schedule tutoring sessions.


Vendor Accounts

Access to SJFC services for vendors.

Viruses, Malware & Phishing: Detection, Prevention & Removal

Detection, prevention and removal of viruses, malware and phishing attempts.

Voice and Data Cabling / Infrastructure

Installation of structured cabling system by request.

Voicemail Service

Request features or changes for existing voicemail services.


Tool to record online lectures and other content for courses.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN access to P: and other campus resources from off campus.


Website Support

The OIT Admin Services will provide support and troubleshooting assistance for SJFC affiliated web sites.

Wired Connectivity

Wired internet connectivity on campus.

WordPress Sites

Wordpress sites available at, fac/staff can sign up on the site to request a site

WSON Simulation Center

Assistance with using the nursing simulation enhanced equipment in the Simulation Center.



Web conferencing tool.