Accessing Wireless Service (WiFi)

Service Overview

St. John Fisher College provides wireless connectivity in all buildings on campus including Residence Halls, Academic, and Administration Buildings. The College offers an encrypted wireless connection to provide enhanced security to the College Community. When using the SJFC wireless networks, you will have enhanced security and your Internet usage will no longer be visible to others using the unsecured wireless network.

Please remember that ANY unsecured wireless network (e.g. Starbucks, Mom’s Coffee & Cookie shop, etc.) are just that…UNSECURE. That means other people using that network may be able to see your Internet traffic.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students & Guests


SJFC-WiFi is the College’s main wireless network; featuring a secured encrypted connection. The secure network is available for all St. John Fisher College owned/managed devices as well as any personal devices (BYOD) using your SJFC username and password.

SJFC-Guest is an open unencrypted and throttled wireless network routed directly to the internet. The unencrypted wireless connection provides basic internet access with no access to campus resources, i.e., printing.  The guest service is subject to the College’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

In Residence Halls: The wireless network for residential halls SJFC-Guest is available in all locations in each building for devices that can't connect to SJFC-WiFi.

How is this service delivered?

Via OIT Representative.

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