Qualtrics - Create/ Manage Surveys

Service Overview

An online survey tool offering an easy user interface solution to create, distribute, and send surveys. It can also do complex research projects and analyze data within the tool as well as exporting data to SPSS and/or Excel.

Available To

Faculty, Staff & Students


Management of Qualtrics Surveys.

How is this service delivered?

Access to the survey tool using your Fisher email address and network credentials. Students should share their survey with the professor. After the professor has reviewed the survey and/or has ensured  IRB approval for any research involving human subjects, the professor should send an email message to rschmid@sjfc.edu requesting the students user type be changed, allowing them to distribute their survey. The email message should indicate if the student is an undergraduate or graduate student with the college, as well as noting that the survey is ready to distribute and has IRB approval (if applicable).Once a student has the right to distribute a survey, those rights apply for all future surveys as well

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