Brightspace Course Merge Request

Service Overview

Merge the rosters of multiple courses into one master course. Merging the rosters allows the instructors teaching multiple sections of the same course to manage the content, course management, and communications tasks for all sections of the course from one central location. Course merges should be done before any graded work has been submitted by students in the course. It is best to merge courses before the start of the semester if possible. 

While this feature provides efficiency for faculty, it may cause a potential FERPA violation from the student perspective, as they may not wish their enrollment in a course to be visible to those in another section. In order to mitigate this risk, please add the following statement to your syllabi for any courses in which you have merged sections in Brightspace. Please note, this does not apply to cross-listed courses, as students are notified prior to registration that cross-listed courses will be taught together. If a student does not want to be identified as enrolled in your course by students in another section, this may result in not being able to merge your courses on Brightspace.
Syllabus Statement:
This course will be merged on Brightspace with another course section. If you have any concerns with your name being visible to students registered in the alternative section, please contact the Registrar’s Office ( no later than the first week of classes.

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To combine courses in Brightspace so the instructor only has to update one course shell.

How is this service delivered?

Please provide Course IDs of those courses you would like merged. This is done by OIT and not the instructor.

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