My Recently Visited Services

This service is available to all Fisher departments who have data access needs, data requirements, and require assistance in analyzing data (Fisher Analytics)

Update ITSM TOOL (Team Dynamix Implementation)

All faculty, staff and students are allotted a specific amount of network space. The P: drive is your Personal network space on the server and is accessible both on campus and off campus. The P: drive is backed up nightly.

Request for specific media related technologies for use in classrooms or event spaces. Microphones, projector support, technician support, sound amplification etc

Requests for new servers, changes to existing servers or troubleshooting. Use for service restarts, server reboots, adding or updating software on a server or retrieving logs on a server.

Requesting a SJFC OIT project. is the SJFC campus portal where you may login to access applications and services such as Blackboard, Fish R Net, G-Mail, Lavery Library, ResLife Online, financial information and more

IBanner Document Management (BDM) is SJFC's Enterprise Document Imaging solution

Use this to ask the OIT Service Desk any general questions.

Managing of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data. Defines a set of procedures, and programs to deliver data

This service allows users to request assistance to solve Banner issues.

The SJFC firewall protects IT infrastructure from access by unauthorized external entities.

Department storage and collaboration that can be accessed from on and off campus

An online survey tool offering an easy user interface solution to create, distribute, and send surveys

An OIT technician will meet or contact a user to discuss needs relating to Audio / Visual support for an event or existing technology in a space

Troubleshoot features, login issues, general inquires and training is provided by OIT via the Sr. Training Support Specialist

Events Management Application (R25) is SJFC’s campus reservation system which is used for scheduling events

The OIT Admin Services will provide support and troubleshooting assistance for SJFC affiliated web sites.

Request to make changes to feeds, processes, system integration or workflows

Analyze, resolve, and/or enhance applications or data integration

A client may research and identify a potential product or service and then request Banner development team members to ascertain whether the product/service can be integrated with Banner.

Report an error or issue you are experiencing with an application or system integration

Database Administration services provides installation, management and support for databases and database based systems required by various software and vendor packages used throughout the College, as well as databases used by College Departments.

Request OIT services to modify/review an existing data feed or system integration modification