My Recently Visited Services is the SJFC campus portal where you may login to access applications and services such as Blackboard, Fish R Net, G-Mail, Lavery Library, ResLife Online, financial information and more

Troubleshooting for student Gmail accounts.

OIT troubleshooting for hardware issues.

Guest accounts for visitors.

Requests for new servers, changes to existing servers or troubleshooting. Use for service restarts, server reboots, adding or updating software on a server or retrieving logs on a server.

All faculty, staff and students are allotted a specific amount of network space. The P: drive is your Personal network space on the server and is accessible both on campus and off campus. The P: drive is backed up nightly.

Report an error or issue you are experiencing with an application or system integration

This service is available to all Fisher departments who have data access needs, data requirements, and require assistance in analyzing data (Fisher Analytics)

Setup, configuration and relocation of SJFC-owned computers.

The SJFC firewall protects IT infrastructure from access by unauthorized external entities.

SJFC network account password reset.

Thought Industries services for Fisher Next

Detection, prevention and removal of viruses, malware and phishing attempts.

Application for personal recordings for use in courses.

Change username to match current legal name.

Service for preparing, combining and downloading e-text files for students who have a documented qualified disability.

Wired internet connectivity on campus.

Technology training for newly hired Faculty & Staff.

Resolve general Fish-R-Net issues.

Online tutoring service for basic and advanced subjects.

General issues and error messages encountered in Blackboard.

Reset password for existing Banner account.

Scanning service for exams/assessments using Scantron.