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Lab Software Request Guidelines:

In order to provide robust, reliable computer labs and ITECs, the Office of Information Technology has developed a process and guidelines for software requests. Academic computing equipment are high availability computers and any changes to the software configuration requires due diligence before the software can be installed.

  • All software changes for an upcoming semester must be submitted to OIT one month before the start of the semester. All faculty and staff members will be notified of the exact date via a mass email message sent by the OIT Service Desk, which will also include instructions on how to submit a request. Requesters will be notified of approval/rejection within two business days of the final date.
  • All requests must be submitted directly by the instructor or department wishing to use the application. Any requests submitted by persons other than the instructor or a department member will not be approved.
  • Where applicable, the requester is responsible for providing all licensing and installation media prior to the submission date. If the requested installation media will not be available by that date, OIT will work with the instructor to determine an acceptable time frame for installation. Please note that it will take a minimum of 2 weeks to schedule a software deployment if the media is not included with the original submission.
  • All changes requested after the beginning of classes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and may be denied or an alternative solution provided if the number of students requiring the software is determined to be insufficient to warrant the change. The requester should plan on a minimum two week time frame from request submission to actual deployment. This time can be adversely affected by installation issues and/or lab availability. OIT is responsible for notifying the instructor of any foreseen delays beyond the projected date.

Lab - Base Software List [pdf]

Lab - Mac Software List [PDF]


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