Calendar Publishing

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Calendar Publishing allows faculty and staff the ability to publish their calendar to individuals outside of the Exchange environment. This process allows those with shared links to published calendar view free/busy availability only, no detail of calendar appointments and/or meetings.  

Use OWA to publish the calendar :  

  1. From Webmail: ( log in using your network credentials).
  2. Select Calendar, click on Share and select Publish this Calendar to Internet.   

              Publish this Calendar to Internet

Within the Calendar Publishing dialog box:

  1. Publishing detail: set to Availability Only.
  2. Publish my calendar: select the time frame to publish
  3. Access Level:  Two choices Restricted and Public.
    1. Restricted - People only have access if they receive a link to your published calendar.
    2. Public - People can search for this calendar on the Internet. Choose this option only if you want your calendar to be available to anyone.
  4. Click on Start Publishing. 

Publishing Settings

Send links to published calendar:

  1. From the Calendar, click on Share and select Send links to this Calendar
  2. From the email message two links will be automatically added.  OIT recommends using the View address link  The Subscribe address link would be used if it was a public calendar and not an individual calendar.  i.e., Calendar of Events for a business or organization.  
  3. If you don't want to send both links, OIT recommends - coping the View address link and paste link into a new email message.

Send links

Stop or Edit Calendar Publishing:

  1. From the Calendar, click on Share and select Change Publishing Settings
  2. Within the Calendar Publishing dialog box, you can edit the publishing settings and/or Stop Publishing. 
  3. Click on Save


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