Accessible Software/Workstations

 Students with disabilities have priority use of workstations marked for accessible features in public computer labs.

Accessible workstations are located in:

  • Kearney 300
  • Kearney K050 24/7 Lab (accessible via card swipe)

Both stations have scanners and Kurzweil software installed. Additionally, Kearney 300 has Dragon Naturally Speaking software installed. Software descriptions are below:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software product. Use your voice to create and edit documents, launch applications, open files, control your mouse, and more.
  • Kurzweil 3000 is a scanning, reading, writing, and learning solution for students with learning disabilities or reading difficulties.
  • Snap & Read Universal is a text reader that reads text aloud on the widest range of accessible and inaccessible text on your computer. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in Snap&Read universal allows users to read inaccessible text like Flash or image based pdf’s. 

    • Reads accessible and inaccessible text aloud
    • Works across Google Drive, email, websites, Kindle Cloud Reader, and PDFs
    • Works offline
    • Dynamic Text Leveling
    • Study tools
    • Translation into 100+ languages on Chrome
    • Data for reading level and usage
    • Bibliographer

    Snap N Read is installed on all academic computers on the Fisher campus.

An Induction Loop Listener is installed in ISHS Room 117, within the Integrated Science and Health Science Building. This audio induction loop receiver allows the user to listen to an audio frequency induction loop system using a standard pair of stereo headphones. There are 2 receivers and headphones available for use within the classroom.


Merlin CCTV is located in Kearney 300 within the Disability Services area. The CCTV features HD video magnifier with text-to-speech. More information is available on the Enhanced Vision website.

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