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BrightLink Interactive Projector

The BrightLink projector, along with two different colored pens, turns your whiteboard into an interactive learning environment. This technology is available in most of the Salerno classrooms as well as Pharmacy 132 and Ralph C. Wilson 202 classrooms. The ITEC chart has a complete list of classrooms where BrightLink Interactive Projectors are installed on the campus. 

ITEC Training

What does ITEC stand for?
Instructional Technology Enhanced Classroom, ITEC is used by OIT as a general term for classroom technology that is built into the instructor podium. The DePeters Center for Innovation offers training sessions that are published via email and on the Technology Training Events Calendar.

Documentation and Tutorials - ITEC

Lecture Capture Platform

Yuja enables users across our organization to share video and video content. The Video platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content. The Office of Information Technology Media Center maintains and administers YuJa.

Documentation & Tutorials - Lecture Capture

SMART Boards

Using a SMART Board within the classroom setting can be beneficial to the educational process. See ITEC chart for location of SMART Boards on the campus.    

 iClicker Cloud

A digital teaching platform to engage students optimized for mobile devices available on any device with a browser. The FERPA complaint cloud based application uses WiFi and integrates with Blackboard. 

Instructors can launch the iClicker Cloud application and create a new account. Software installed on faculty/staff SJF devices. For installation contact OIT Service Desk (585.385.8016)

Students can use their own personal device(s) and download the subscription based application for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store)

Documentation & Tutorials

ShareLink -Wireless Collaboration Gateway

The Extron ShareLink 200 Wireless Collaboration Gateway enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on a display, transforming any meeting room into a collaboration space. This technology supports simultaneous display of slides, documents, graphs, and photos from up to four devices without needing a cable. It is compatible with Windows® and OS X® computers as well as Apple® and Android® smart phones and tablets.

Available in: Basil 135, Mid-Level Gateway, ISHS 219 & 220, K100 & K127 (Cleary Aud), S013 (OIT conference Room), A208, A219, A233, A240, and Wilson Formal.

To Use in Classroom:

  • From the touch screen, with the projector powered on, tap the ShareLink input button.

Once devices are connected/configured appropriately, pushed content will be displayed.

To Connect Laptop:

  • Devices need to be connected to Fisher’s WiFi (SJF Wireless) or SJF Network
  • Enter in the IP Address in web browser to download the ShareLink software.
  • If already downloaded, open the ShareLink software and enter the IP address and Code.

Code ensures that only individuals in the room can connect, Code changes after each session.

Up to 4 people can share at once; share photos, files, camera, annotate, rotate image(s), etc...

To Connect Smartphone/Tablet:

  • Devices need to be connected to Fisher’s WiFi (SJF Wireless)
  • Download the appropriate OS application
  • Open application and connect to the ShareLink device with the IP address and Code.

Classroom.Cloud Classroom Management Software

Classroom.Cloud classroom computer management software gives you the tools you need to control sources of distraction, monitor student computers, get started on time, and you will notice when a student needs help ASAP.



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