Computer Replacement/Upgrade Process

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The Office of Information Technology manages the replacement and upgrade process for all laptop and desktop computers owned by the college. Fisher follows a four year replacement cycle for all computers. When a computer is due for replacement, it will be replaced by a similar computer. For example; if a faculty member has a laptop due for replacement it will be replaced with a laptop. If a staff member has a desktop but wants a laptop instead, the Fisher employee will need to submit a Technology Request Form for the change and the employee's department will pay the difference in cost; the same process applies if an employee wishes to change from a PC to a Mac. The reason for this is that the computer replacement program is funded by an annual budget that plans for “like for like” replacement. Laptops are priced higher than desktop models and Macs are generally more expensive. OIT makes decisions on standard computer models each year to maximize efficiency in deployment and support, which in turn enhances customer experience.

Every year, after the budget has been approved, OIT will send out a list of computers that are scheduled for replacement. When scheduling computer upgrades, OIT will try to work around the individual faculty or staff member’s schedule since the upgrade can take several hours. You do not need to be present during the upgrade since most of the process is done remotely, except the actual installation of the new computer. When your upgrade is scheduled, OIT will send a Meeting Request. Please contact the technician if the time is not convenient or if you need to reschedule the appointment.

In order to be conscience of rising costs, in FY12 OIT stopped replacing computer monitors that were the standard size, 19" Widescreen, and in good working order. LCD/LED computer monitors can significantly outlast the computer hardware and there is no technological reason to replace a monitor unless it stops functioning.

In order to continue managing our costs and provide the best experience for faculty and staff, in FY16 OIT will be working with individuals who have a laptop and desktop to consolidate to a single computer. Technology has evolved so that a laptop computer is able to provide a mobile platform, as well as the functions of a full featured desktop computer. To provide these capabilities we install a docking station in the office that allows the laptop to be used like a desktop computer, with the capabilities to use a full sized monitor (including dual-monitors), standard keyboard and standard mouse. Having a single computer makes file management significantly easier and provides a more reliable computing environment since the computer is used regularly.

What happens to my old computer? Recycling Electronics

Note- All new replacement PCs will be running Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. All new replacement Macs will be running MacOS 10.14 (Sierra) and Microsoft Office 2016. All new replacement laptops (PC & Mac) will have their hard-disks encrypted.

If you have questions about the Computer Replacement process, please contact the Service Desk by calling 385-8016 or send an email message to the



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