Computer Labs

Each lab offers access to a variety of software -- including productivity and academic applications -- and a variety of hardware -- including PCs, Macs, black & white and color printers, and scanners.

A list of standard software and instructions for requesting specialized software is available at on the Computer Lab Software Requests page.

The Kearney Academic Computing Lab is available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week via card-swipe access when the University is open. During the Fall and Spring semesters, Lab Assistants are on duty in the Lavery Library throughout the week to assist users and stock printers.  A list of academic computers, labs, and printers is below. 

Special Services:

If you have any trouble with a computer, scanner or printer in any lab, please contact the Service Desk so the issue can be resolved.

Building Room Number of computers Printers
Skalny A-009 12 PCs & 1 ITEC 1 B&W
Skalny A-101 9 PCs 1 B&W
Pioch C-106 12 Pcs & 1 ITEC 1 B&W
Pioch C-117 25 PCs & 1 ITEC 1 B&W
Dorsey Lounge 3 PCs  
Founders Lab 4 PCs 1 B&W
Keough Lab 3 PCs  
Kearney 050 (Lavery Under the Steeple) Open Area 5 PCs & 1 Mac 1 B&W MFP & 1 Color
Murphy M-146 4 PCs 1 B&W MFP
Basil B-101 20 Macs & 1 ITEC (Mac) 1 B&W
Michaelhouse Lab 10 PCs 1 B&W
Salerno SL-003 27 PCs & 1 ITEC 1 B&W 
Salerno SL-103 28 PCs & 1 ITEC 1 B&W & 1 Color
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