Employee Printing

All printing and copying on campus is charged back to departmental budgets. The charge-back rates are as follows:

Black and White Printing:
     Single-sided: $ .05/print
     Double-sided: $ .04/print ($ .08/sheet)
Color Printing
     Single-sided: $ .22/print
     Double-sided: $ .20/print ($ .40/sheet)

Installing a printer on your Fisher computer

Campus printers can be installed using the PaperCut Print Deploy app running on your computer. You will need to know the name of the device you'd like to install. This can be found on a sticker on the front of the printer/copier.

To open PrintDeploy:

Windows PC

Click the arrow to the left of the time/date to show all icons, click the green PaperCut Print Deploy Client icon and select View my printers.

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Click the green PaperCut Print Deploy Client icon in the task bar at the top of the screen and select View my printers.

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Click Add printers in the left-hand sidebar. A list of available printers is displayed.

Search for or scroll to your desired printer and click the green Install button.

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Securely print from your Fisher computer

When printing confidential information, special care should be taken to prevent unauthorized access to your printed documents. Sending your print jobs using WebPrint holds your job until you release it at a printer. PaperCut Web Print allows you to upload documents through a browser for printing, from any device, without installing an app or printer.

  1. Sign in to your PaperCut account at print.sjf.edu and select Web Print on the sidebar.
  2. Click Submit a Job, select the EmployeePrint printer, and upload your file(s). Your print job will be held for 1 hour, or until you release it at a printer.

You can release your print jobs using the following methods:

  1. Using your mobile phone, scan the QR Code on the front of the printer you'd like to print to and follow the prompts to release your print job.
  2. On a Toshiba copier, swipe your Fisher ID or log in with your user name and password, then select Print Release.
  3. Log in to your PaperCut account at print.sjf.edu and select Jobs Pending Release on the sidebar.


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