YuJa Video Platform

The Office of Information Technology and the DePeters Family Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence are excited to announce SJF will be transitioning from Ensemble to a new Lecture Capture and Video Management platform, YuJa.

Why are we changing lecture capture providers?

In April 2021, Ensemble announced that they had been acquired by another company, and they would be retiring Ensemble in 2022. YuJa was selected as the replacement for Ensemble as it best meets the broad needs of faculty and staff at Fisher, providing all the features we currently use in Ensemble as well as some new features that Ensemble doesn’t currently provide.

What will happen to my Ensemble videos?

Faculty and staff with Ensemble accounts can identify videos from your “My Videos” library that you wish to be migrated to YuJa, using the form linked below. This form must be completed by April 25th at the latest, but please complete the form as soon as possible, especially for video content needed for summer 2022 courses. Selected video content needed for summer courses will be migrated by May 2nd. All other selected video content will be migrated by late July 2022.

Any video content not in “My Videos” (i.e., Pharmacy classroom recordings, Nursing Simulation content, Mental Health Counseling recordings), as well as non-academic videos, will also be migrated by late July 2022.

Request Video Content for Migration Form

Note: any Ensemble videos linked in Blackboard will need to be re-linked to the video in YuJa.

What is the time line for changing providers?

March & April 2022 – YuJa demo sessions will be held in the DePeters Family Center. These sessions will give a sneak peek into the YuJa platform, highlighting how the new tool compares to Ensemble and new features to look forward to, as well as answer any questions you have about the transition. Demo sessions are scheduled for March 24 and April 19, each from 12:00-1:00pm.

April 25 – May 2, 2022 – OIT will migrate selected content for summer courses from Ensemble to YuJa.

May 2 – May 16, 2022 – Training sessions offered by the DePeters Family Center supporting faculty teaching summer 2022 courses who plan to use YuJa. Check the Workshops and Events calendar here: https://www.sjf.edu/centers/cite/workshops-and-events/

May 16, 2022 – YuJa is live for summer ’22 courses. Ensemble is no longer accessible.

Late July 2022 – OIT will migrate remaining selected video content from Ensemble to YuJa.

August 2022 – Additional YuJa training sessions will be offered in the DePeters Family Center. Check the Workshops and Events calendar here:

What can I do with YuJa?

Transitioning to YuJa will be an overall benefit to SJF. The platform includes many of the most popular features of Ensemble, such as quizzing, analytics, captioning, video editing, and Blackboard integration. YuJa also adds several features including:

  • The ability to capture and view multiple camera streams in a single recording
  • A Web-based screen recorder that does not require any local installation of software and supports both PCs and Macs.
  • Advanced video editing
  • Automatic closed captioning


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