What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is just a fancy way of saying you should add an extra layer of protection to your network account. You do it daily with your personal shopping, online banking, and other online activities, so you are already used to it. Essentially, we will ask you to protect your network account with

  • Something you know - your password
  • Something you have - a code sent to your Smartphone, telephone, or alternate email

To determine which authentication methods can be used for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), please refer to the chart below:

* - To use the Microsoft Authenticator App, you must have another one of the above authentication methods configured first.

If you haven't configured your authentication methods yet or you need to add additional methods, please go to this link: 

Self Service Password Reset/Multi-Factor Authentication Configuration


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