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Google has announced they are retiring the Google Drive desktop application. The Google Drive service itself is not being retired, only the program that is installed on your SJF computer that syncs the files stored on Google Drive to your local computer. For business customers, it is being replaced with Drive File Stream.

Drive File Stream works a little differently than the current Google Drive application. On Windows computers it appears as a drive in Windows Explorer instead of a shortcut:

On Mac computers, it appears as a link under Devices in Finder:

Google Drive files are no longer stored locally on your computer, saving local drive space. Instead, files are streamed on demand as needed.  Files that you need to use when you do not have Internet access must be made available off-line in advance. Making files available off-line stores a local copy of the file or folder on your computer, so it is available without Internet access.

On a Windows PC, right-click a file or folder in Google Drive and select Drive File Stream | Available offline:

On a Mac, Ctrl-click the file or folder and then select Drive File Stream | Available offline:

Team Drives, a new feature in Drive File Stream, is currently being evaluated by OIT for possible implementation in the future.  


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