As an institution devoted to teaching, learning, service, and scholarship, St. John Fisher supports compliance with all United States copyright laws. This web site has been created as an educational resource for faculty, librarians, and staff in order to enhance the understanding of, and to assist in their compliance with, current copyright laws and doctrines, including the doctrine of fair use.

Fair Use Checklist

Copyright Subject Guide

Ultimate responsibility for copyright compliance rests with the end user; therefore, the Copyright Subject Guide is designed to provide decision-making tools and guidelines to assist faculty and staff in using copyrighted materials appropriately. While copyright law protects owners of "original works of authorship," it also allows for the use of many copyrighted materials in an educational setting. The Copyright Subject Guide provides resources designed to help faculty determine when and how materials (e.g., books, articles) can be used in their courses. When copyrighted works are used as educational materials under the doctrine of "fair use," we recommend that a "fair use" checklist be considered and completed for each work used.


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