Computer Lab Policies

General Computer Use

  • Do not attempt to shut off or forcefully reset computers or monitors. Seek assistance if there is a system error
  • Refrain from any changes or activities that may result in the damage and/or destruction of any software or hardware
  • You should not modify the system, download executables(*.exe), or install any applications
  • No one should make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software
  • Users should make certain to log out of email and computers properly to prevent identity theft

Computer and Email Accounts

  • Computer and email accounts are for individual use only, and should not be made available to others for any purpose
  • Computer accounts are available to support academic or administrative work and are to be used only for the purpose for which they are authorized
  • All Password and account change requests require the user in question to be present and to have a valid Fisher ID card or photo ID
  • Users should not use email to send/forward chain letters, distribute unsolicited advertising, or to harass or offend others
  • Students are responsible for maintaining their email and personal storage (P:drive) directory space quotas
  • Email attachments add significantly to email quotas and are better kept in one's personal storage (P:drive) directory or on external media
  • Personal web page content must not violate copyright or state and federal laws

User Responsibilities

  • All users are responsible for using the labs in a proper, ethical, and lawful manner. Failure to act responsibly will result in loss of privileges and appropriate disciplinary action
  • Students must have a valid Fisher ID card to use the computer resources. Failure to show a valid ID when requested will result in expulsion for the lab
  • Personal property is the sole responsibility of the owner. This also includes (but is not limited to) flash drives, CDs, and the data contained therein
  • Any lost items should be turned in to the "lost and found" located at the OIT Service Desk or to Campus Safety
  • No food or drink is allowed in the computer facilities on campus without prior approval from OIT
  • No children are allowed in the computer labs, regardless of whether or not they are using the systems
  • Conversations should be kept at a reasonable tone (much like a library). Please respect the needs of others so they are able to work without distractions
  • No one should store files, programs, etc. on the computers. Any personal data left on the computers will be deleted at OIT's discretion


  • Print only one copy of a document using the laser printer. Make additional copies using a copier
  • PowerPoint presentations should be printed as hand outs only
  • Only print information needed for academic use. Avoid printer pages with multiple graphics
  • Printouts to custom paper are not allowed except resume printing in Kearney with assistance of the OIT Service Desk staff. In addition, Print Center can produce copies on specialty paper


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