Student Printing

Students start each semester with $35.00 in printing credit which is equivalent to 500 double-sided prints. Students will receive the print credit before the first day of classes each semester. Additional funds can be transferred from your Cardinal Cash account upon request to the OIT Service Desk.

Printing costs:

Black and White Printing:
     Single-sided: $ .10/print
     Double-sided: $ .07/print ($ .14/sheet)
Color Printing
     Single-sided: $ .22/print
     Double-sided: $ .20/print ($ .40/sheet)

Printing from any personal device follows these steps:

Send the print job to PaperCut using one of the methods below:

  1. Web Print - PaperCut Web Print allows you to upload documents through a browser for printing, from any device, without installing an app or printer. This is the easiest way to print to a printer that you don't use very often, and don't have installed on your device.
    1. Sign in to your PaperCut account at and select Web Print on the sidebar.
    2. Click Submit a Job, select the MobilePrint printer with the option you need (Single/Double sided, BW/Color), and upload your file(s). Your print job will be held for 1 hour, or until you release it at a printer.
      Supported file types are PDF, Microsoft Office, and image files.
  2. iPads & iPhones - You can print directly from your iPad or iPhone when connected to SJFC-WiFi - no app install required! Select Print in any app and select the MobilePrint printer. Authenticate with your user name and password to upload your file(s). Your print job will be held for 1 hour, or until you release it at a printer. Mobility Print- iOS setup
  3. MacBooks - You can print directly from your MacBook, once you’ve installed a MobilePrint printer. To install a printer, follow the steps below. Mobility Print- MacOS setup
    1. Go to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
    2. Click the + icon and select the MobilePrint printer with the option you need (Single/Double sided, BW/Color).
    3. Click Add and you're ready to print!
  4. Windows PC - PaperCut Mobility Print allows students to print from their own Windows laptop. Download and install the PaperCut Mobility Print app available below, and install the MobilePrint printer. Then, just select Print in any application and print to the printer you installed.  Mobility Print- Windows setup
  5. Android Phones and Chromebooks - Direct printing from an Android phone or Chromebook is available through the PaperCut Mobility Print app available in the Play Store. Once installed, select Print in any app and the MobilePrint printers will be displayed. Select the printer with the options you need, and authenticate with your user name and password to send the print job. Mobility Print- Android setup | Mobility Print- Chromebook setup

Release your print job at a printer:

Once you send your print job, it is held until you release it at an available printer. You can release your print jobs using the following methods:

  1. Using your iPad or mobile phone, scan the QR Code on the front of the printer you'd like to print to and follow the prompts to release your print job.
  2. On a Toshiba copier, swipe your Fisher ID or log in with your user name and password, then select Print Release.
  3. Log in to your PaperCut account at and select Jobs Pending Release on the sidebar.


What if I have a problem printing?

Printers on campus are set up to automatically reprint a print job after a jam is cleared; the automatic reprint will not charge your printing account. If the printer does not reprint your print job automatically, you can contact the Service Desk within 2 hours to have the job reprinted. When contacting the Service Desk, please include the file name and the location of the printer.

If the quality of your print job is not satisfactory (i.e. smudges, lines, etc.) please contact the Service Desk within 2 hrs. so the printer can be serviced and your print job can be reprinted. When contacting the Service Desk, please include the location of the printer, the problem, and the file that was being printed.

If the Service Desk is closed or you are unable to get your job reprinted, the Service Desk can credit your printing account if there is a printing error. To have your account credited, please email the Service Desk within 2 hrs. of the problem and include a description of the problem (i.e. paper jam, poor print quality, etc.), the time of problem, and the number of pages impacted. Your account will be credited within 1 business day after OIT has verified that the printer had a problem.

Printer Names and Locations


Printer Name




Skalny A-009 Printer



Skalny A-016 Printer



Skalny A-101 Printer

Alesi Open Area


Alesi Student MFP Printer

B-101 Mac Lab


Basil B-101 Mac Lab Printer

B-101 Color Mac Lab


Basil B-101 Mac Lab Color Printer



Pioch C-104 Psych Lab Printer



Pioch C-106 Printer



Pioch C-117 Printer

Founders Hall


Founders Lab Printer

K-050 Color


Kearney K-050 Open Lab Color Printer

Kearney K-050 Open Area    


Kearney K-050 Open Area Color Printer

Kearney K-050 Open Area


Kearney K-050 Open Area Printer #2 B/W



Murphy M-146 Lab Printer

Math & Writing

Math Center

Math and Writing Center Printer



Michaelhouse Lab Printer



Nursing N-207 Printer



Nursing N-308 Printer

P-219 Color


Pharmacy P-219 Lab Color Printer



Salerno SL-003 Printer



Salerno SL-103 Printer

Salerno-103 Color


Salerno SL-103 Color Printer

Writing & Tutoring Center    MathCtr_MFP

Writing & Tutoring Center Printer



RCW Wilson W-115 Printer

Should you have a question about or problems with printing across campus, please contact the OIT Service Desk.

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