Media Equipment Setup Request Procedures

Media Equipment Requests can be initiated to the OIT Service Desk by logging into the online form or by emailing Initiating a request does not guarantee an equipment reservation. Equipment is approved on a "first come, first serve" basis. The requestor will receive an approval and confirmation email from a Media Technician when a request has been approved and scheduled for setup and or delivery. 2 business days advance notice is required for all requests. Once approved, the equipment will be setup at the pre-determined date, time, and location. It is the customers obligation to supply the information needed in a timely manner before an equipment setup can be approved. Classroom equipment requests are typically prioritized above all other requests, but are still subject to academic purpose, equipment availability, appropriate staffing, complexity of setup, and advance notice.

The OIT Media Center will do its best to provide the necessary support, cabling, and or materials to ensure the equipment will be sufficient for the customers needs. The OIT Media Center will not be responsible for any incompatibility issues with a customer's equipment used in conjunction with college owned A/V equipment. It is requested that the customer brings any adapters, cables, and supplies that they know to be necessary for use with their own equipment (i.e. Power Cords, Apple/Macintosh Laptop Display Adapters, Instrument Amplifiers, etc...).

Media Equipment Setup Restrictions

Media Setup Requests are limited to currently employed faculty, staff, and Student Government sponsored organizations and clubs. It is requested that a single person be the contact for all information regarding an event setup, as multiple parties will often result in mishandled requests. The OIT Media Center will not be expected to deliver or pick up equipment outside of normal operating hours. The OIT Media Center cannot be expected to approve or setup media equipment for a particular class, seminar, or event on a constant basis for an entire academic semester or session. It is best to provide classroom requirements when requesting or reserving a classroom or presentation space. The OIT Media Center reserves the right to deny a portion of or an entire media request due to lack of advance notice, lack of information given, equipment availability, staffing available, or due to heavy recurrence. If equipment is to be used overnight, it is the customers' responsibility to ensure that the equipment is picked up from the delivery location and stored in a secure location until arrangements are made to be picked up by OIT.

Equipment/Media Request For: Advanced Notice Required
Regular Semester Classes 2 business days
Weekend College Classes 3 business days
Presentations, Events, or Conferences 1 week (7 days)

NOTE: 48 hours notice is required for Media Requests. Any request under 24 hours will be considered a "Late Media Request". Late Media Requests will often go unfulfilled as proper planning is required for scheduling staffing, equipment delivery, and or equipment security. Sufficient notice may also be required for OIT Media to obtain approval for events that would require media technician assistance outside of regular working hours. Media equipment needed for Monday classes or events must be reserved before the OIT Service Desk closes the Saturday before. Emailing the Service Desk or submitting a web request over the weekend will often go unanswered until that Monday Morning; resulting in a Late Media Request status.

Equipment is available on a "first come, first serve" basis. It is best to plan early and notify us later that the equipment is no longer needed than to plan late and need equipment at the last minute. Media Center Laptops can only be requested to be used with Presentation Equipment on Campus (i.e. LCD Projector). We will make every effort to fulfill your request and work with you if needed to solve your A/V needs. We will confirm your request through Microsoft Outlook as a meeting request if we are able to fill your request.

If a laptop is needed for an off campus event or business trip, please contact the OIT Service Desk at x8016, or email the OIT Service Desk at as further restrictions may apply.  

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