Recycling Electronics

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When OIT upgrades working equipment including computers and printers, we work with a local company that is a licensed & certified electronics refurbisher who purchases the old equipment from the university and sells the equipment to schools and companies that can not afford new equipment. The data storage component (hard-drive) of any equipment that is refurbished is erased following Department of Defense standards.

For computers, printers, projectors, etc., that are not functional, the old equipment is recycled. OIT contracts with a licensed and certified electronics recycler to ensure compliance with the applicable local, state, and federal regulations. For devices that have data storage devices ( hard-drives), the drive is erased using a Department of Defense standards and the drive is destroyed. The remaining components of the electronic device are sorted and reused or the pieces are separated and precious minerals are recovered for reuse in new electronics.

New York State requires that a C7 Notification Letter be filed with the DEC that a legitimate recycler is processing the product. Failure to properly recycle electronics can lead to significant fines for the university. 

If your department has old electronics that need to be recycled (old monitors, TVs, stereos, iPods, Fax machines, etc.), please contact the OIT Service Desk at x8016 or to request that the equipment be picked up for recycling. 

Note: Our recycler can only accept university property for recycling. For more information on recycling personal electronics please visit:


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