Cell Phones or Smart Phones

SJFC Cell Phone

To request a cell phone please use the Cellular Telephone Request Form. Individuals who are approved for a SJFC issued cell phone will be given the college’s standard cell phone and accessories. The individual’s department is required to pay for the cost of the cell phone, accessories, and cell phone plan. Please note that the Division Head and Vice President of Finance are required to approve all Cellular Telephone Phone Requests.

SJFC Smart Phone

OIT officially supports SJFC email on a SJFC issued Smart Phones. Unlike Cell Phones, only individuals who are required to have frequent access to email while away from his/her computer are issued SJFC Smart Phones due to the high cost to the college. The individual’s department is required to pay for the cost of the Smart Phone, accessories, and Smart Phone device plan (Voice & Data). To request a SJFC Smart Phone, please use the Smart Phone Request Form.  Please note that the Department Head and Vice President of Finance must approve any request for a Smart Phone.

Additional Information

For information about Cell Phone and Smartphone plans, please contact the Help Desk for current pricing and/or the Employee Discounts web page. If you do not have an SJFC issued Smartphone, but want SJFC email on your mobile device, please see our help topic on Active Sync

Please note that OIT only supports email on SJFC Smartphones and not all mobile devices are able to connect to SJFC email.


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