Fish R Net

Fish 'R' Net is an online resource that enables you to manage various academic and administrative aspects of your college account. Fish 'R' Net is available through mySJFC or by logging directly into Fish 'R' Net.

To log into Fish 'R' Net for the first time, enter your ID number starting with the @ symbol. The password for a first time user will be your six digit birthday (MMDDYY). Once logged into Fish 'R' Net, you will be able to access all of your personal information held by the college, including student services and financial aid, employee services, and personal information. For any issues with your account, please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at 585-385-8015.

If you need to change your PIN you can do so under "Personal Information" (please note that pin reset codes are sent to your SJFC email account). All Fish 'R' Net PIN resets can be done either online or by calling the Registrar's Office at 585-385-8015.

For further information, please refer to the following websites:

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