Ensemble Video Platform - Lecture Capturing

What is Ensemble?

Ensemble enables users across our organization to share video and video content.  The online video platform streamlines video capture, video management and video publishing.  The Office of Information Technology Media Center maintains and administers Ensemble.

  • Ensemble -  online video application, where users can upload, share, and manage video content.  This provides your students/audience with a powerful tool that can be used for review, to further supplement material covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based.  Students have the ability to jump ahead or jump back to particular segments of video content. The recordings/videos can be viewed from any device with an internet connection via an browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • Ensemble Anthem - screen capture software application.  Users can easily record screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam.  
  • Ensemble Studio - easily capture lectures from classrooms. Use scheduled capture or ad hoc capture for recording class lectures. Can capture the display output from a PC, document camera, and/or a laptop as normally displayed and viewed on a projection screen. Professors can request automated recordings of lectures (classrooms containing capture appliance), post online via Blackboard where students can stream them on-demand.  

Where can I use this tool?

Anthem - software version

  • Installed on SJFC computers via OIT.
    • Can be installed on personally owned devices via the online video application.

Studio - classroom Capture

  • Hardware version is located in some of the buildings listed - Pharmacy, ISHS, Nursing, Salerno, and RCW. 

How do I use this tool?

Step 1: Faculty and Staff accounts are automatically created upon first use. If you have trouble accessing your account, contact the OIT Service Desk.

Step 2: To request training on classroom and/or software capture, contact rschmid@sjfc.edu.

Documentation and videos are available on the Ensemble training page.



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